9 Trendy Auto Accessories for 2020

nine important car accessories of 2020

Having these nine essential accessories for a Nissan-new vehicle can save you a great deal of cash and time considering the functional benefits of every one of these. Trying to find a secure cell phone holder or an exterior USB battery charger? We have you covered.

Which Car Dealer Accessories Will You Need for Your Car?

Depending upon the version you are getting, you will certainly have plenty of car accessories to choose from to update your vehicle. Several of the suggested accessories include all-weather mats, window tinting, seat covers, roof rack, and a rear-seat entertainment system (wherever applicable). All accessories for sale at the Nissan car dealerships are original car accessories created and marketed by the manufacturer.

Must-Have Auto Accessories

Whether you get a new Nissan, or a used vehicle from our car dealership, we are here to assist you overhaul your vehicle with some great must-have vehicle accessories.

Jump Starter

All of us understand exactly how irritating car battery trouble can be. For that reason, a jump starter is a must-have automobile accessory. For those “car-doesn’t-start” times, you will certainly need a jump starter. This tool is especially valuable during the winter season when severe cold weather freezes your vehicle engine or when your car battery stops working. The great part is, a lot of jump starters now feature additional accessories that will save your cash.

Blind Spot Mirrors

A lot of Nissan-new vehicle models have blind-spot monitors with an acoustic signal. If your car does not have such functions, having blind spot mirrors is highly advised. These little mirrors are affordable and super-useful. If your automobile does not have blind-spot monitors, then purchasing these little, blind-spot mirrors is a great choice.

Phone Mount

To conveniently view any type of map on your phone navigating app while driving, you will certainly need a phone mount. These accessories are not a long-term enhancement to your vehicle. These easy-to-install accessories work well with mostly all kinds of phones and swivel in all directions easily.

Portable Power Bank

A mobile power bank could be among those must-have vehicle accessories that can be your best friend in emergencies. This amazing little battery can aid you to jump start your car, assist you charge your phone, and various other devices. A few of these power banks likewise come with integrated LED flashlights as well and are rechargeable. Certainly, it is one of those finest items to keep in your trunk at all times.


Staying prepared for the most awful circumstances will provide you the assurance and a sense of security. A stinger is a helpful device that will help you conveniently smash your automobile window glasses, enabling you a fast exist. Usually, the car doors and windows get jammed throughout a roadway crash. A stinger also has a slim blade on its backside, which allows you to free up an obstructed seat belt.

USB Charger

Most new cars have integrated USB chargers, however you will end up needing much more as you start to collect more gadgets and ultimately need more charging ports. Thankfully, this accessory is a helpful battery charger that can charge numerous devices at once. And also, the majority of these chargers are budget-friendly as well.

Hydraulic Jack

A flat tire is no fun, and that’s when you will certainly need a hydraulic jack. The new variety of hydraulic jacks are light-weight, small, and easy to store in your car.

Car Tool Set

Similar to the hydraulic jack, this tool set is useful when your vehicle has a blowout. Besides, your hydraulic jack would certainly be ineffective unless you have the tools required to repair your automobile. This kit is also fantastic for all types of small automobile repair work.

Bluetooth Transmitter

A Bluetooth transmitter is a device that can quickly connect to your smart device and play music from your phone or MicroSD card. It also lets you take pleasure in hands-free calling with the built-in microphone.

Bonus! Car Accessories and Handy Tools Tip

Dashboard Camera

We have a 10th vital, cool accessory for your automobile. A dashboard video camera is a helpful accessory that records what takes place in a crash. This little camera can also capture the lovely landscape as you go on a lengthy drive.

If your vehicle does not have several of these features mentioned right here, you may want a few of these essential accessories for your new automobile.

Nine Vital Auto Accessories for New Vehicle In Austin | Town North Nissan